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Emmy's Super Secret Journal

Needs a rock that less resembles sediment.

Emeraude Isebella Marguerite Iserath

perfect enemy
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about emeraude
Her Royal Highness Princess Emeraude Isebella Marguerite Iserath is a young woman of 20 years, as of May. She is the only child of Adoni and Kyrene Iserath (nee Fotilas), and is fairly spoiled, both due to her status as princess and as a complete daddy's girl. She would do anything for her family, and won't hesitate to jump into a reckless situation if they're threatened. In recent times - since she came to the City (unter_allen) - she's also taken the same attitude with her close friends, Del and Tesu Aoyama (femmebutdanger and roughantumble, respectively.), among others.

Emeraude is a lithe girl, reaching 5'5 without shoes. Her figure has been toned by both years of wearing a tight corset and years of fencing, though she prefers to use sais in a fight. Her hair is long and blonde, falling in waves to a little past her hips, and her eyes are green - aptly fitting, considering her name. Depending on who you talk to, she may be referred to by a number of nicknames: Em, Emmy, Emmers, Emeraude, or Princess. Of them all, she prefers to be called Emmy - it allows her to feel like more of an equal with those around her, rather than the princess she is.

Despite her upbringing, Emmy is not completely prepared for her inevitable rise to power in her country; she'd rather have time to spend as a 'regular girl' in the City. At any given time, one of the most obvious worries on her mind is whether or not she'll be a good queen, when the time comes. One of her pet peeves also stems from this idea: she hates when people assume things about her, just because of her title.

Largely because they befriended her and allowed her to feel more welcome than she did anywhere else, Emmy enjoys throwing massive parties for the City. At her first New Year's in the City, she obtained a fruitcake cannon made by Tony Stark and Sariel (nottheherotype and seraphsariel.) in a moment of drunken fun; she considers her life much less boring since discovering the City.

Regardless of all the positive times the City has provided the princess, she has more than enough negative memories to offset it. She vividly remembers her death at the hands of Altair (one_who_flies) in a mafia-style dream, and her death at the hands of her ex-ex-boyfriend, Shinju Gouka (hellfire_gouka), upon falling victim to 'zombie cancer'.

In recent times, Emeraude has spurned both the long hair she was so known for and her title, choosing to go solely by 'Emmy Iserath'. Her hair is now short and bouncy, curling around her ears and chin, and she seems to be perfectly content with staying in the City forever. It appears to be a coping mechanism following her nasty breakup with Kaito and the subsequent deaths of a number of the City's citizens; she now seems almost fluffier than before, preferring to smile and ignore deep-seated issues.

dreaming [tegaki]
beach [photoshop]
turnaround [photoshop]
emworth au [photoshop]

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• may 1
• taurus
• 20 years old
long blonde hair, left down and wavy or pulled into a braid short blonde hair, left down and curly
• 5'5, with lithe limbs and a narrow waist
• currently dating: Shinju Gouka